Our Beginnings

In the Fall of 1994, the Oak Park Exchange Congress was held at Florissant Valley Community College in Ferguson. The Oak Park Exchange was a national conference that provided a forum for the free exchange of ideas and experiences in achieving and enhancing racial harmony and economic growth in communities.

From the Congress, local attendees of that event created an organized effort call PROUD to embrace our diversity, not only in racial and ethnic terms, but also in terms of age, religion, and interest.

For seventeen years, PROUD served the city of Ferguson with the establishment of the Ferguson Residential Resource Center, the establishment of the Equity Home Assurance Program, city beautification projects, and art and social events.

Our Rebirth

PROUD has been reestablished to continue the mission started so many years before, with a new emphasis on healing the fractures that led up to and resulted from the 2014 Ferguson Unrest.

Executive Committee

Alan Mueller, Chair
Dr. Jackie Lewis-Harris, Vice Chair
Lindsay LaMarche, Secretary
Becky Mueller, Treasurer

Dr. Cassandra Butler
Jeff Finnegan
Chuck Henson
Laverne Mitchom
Nancy Remmert